Calum Best reveals his THIRD hair transplant

Calum Best, 33, has had the same £6,000 hair transplant as Wayne Rooney three times. He believes bleach and ponytails sped up his hair loss. If hair continues to thin, he will buy the fourth transplant. Source: Calum Best reveals his THIRD hair transplant | Daily Mail Online

Celebrity Hair Transplants and Male Baldness

TV AND SPORTS STARS USE HAIR TRANSPLANTS TO SOLVE MALE BALDNESS. As Declan Donnelly’s thicker thatch sparks rumours, we look at the celebrities who’ve had a little help with their thinning tresses Source: Gone today, hair tomorrow: The bald truth behind celebrity hair transplants

Celebrities Coming out About Hair Transplants

CELEBRITIES ARE RUSHING TO GET A HAIR TRANSPLANT The Fox 28 Columbus Reporter stated, “I had a hair transplant done last August and the reason I had it done is very simple…I was losing my hair!”Sussi started his career with a full head of hair, but as years have passed,...

Is FUE The Best Male Hair Loss Solution?

According to NHS, hair loss is affecting up half of the men by the age of 50, and the signs can appear as early as the 20s. Other records suggest that more than 1 million British men suffer from some form of hair loss. However, in spite of the ground-breaking advancements...

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