If you thought that in British men fear being bitten by a snake or spider more than having beautiful hair, you were wrong.

According to a survey’s results, published in Mirror, amongst British men’s top worst 15 fears, hair loss comes above snakes, spiders and even unemployment.

Jamie Stevens surveyed 2000 British men with the following results:

Whilst hair loss only made the 7th spot, it’s worth noting that it’s above job security, snakes & spiders and even having a cheating partner.


Out of the 2000 men surveyed, 33% feared hair loss, especially those between the ages of 18-24. This fear is known as peladophobia.

However, the most surprising fact was that quite a few men thought that the only solution for baldness was to shave all the hair off, in spite of all the cutting edge hair treatments available.

Peladophobia can have a significant emotional impact on men, with up to 11% of those surveyed admitting that they’ve lost sleep over the issue, and up to 19% of them thinking about losing their hair at least once a day.


If you fear hair loss, you should start by researching treatment options available immediately and look to take action. The sooner you identify it, the more options you have to stop it in its tracks and restore it.

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