Electric Scalp Massaging Applicator Comb with Infrared Lights


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The scalp massaging applicator is designed with a ball root comb, massaging nodes with vibration and infrared allowing for targeted and controlled application of minoxidil, hair oils, serums, or other liquids. It can help to distribute the applied liquid evenly across the scalp without creating a mess whilst also increasing blood circulation.

Usage Steps

  • Open the tank cap upwards with your thumb
  • Add liquid using a pipette or directly aligning the liquid bottle mouth with the liquid tank mouth (maximum capacity 6ml).
  • After adding the liquid align the liquid tank cover with the tank opening and cover the tank.
  • Press and hold the power button for two seconds to turn on the device. after turning on the red light wave will turn on. press once to turn off the red light wave and activate the micro vibration massage. Press and hold both red light wave and vibration. Press and hold for two seconds to turn off.
  • Choose the desired mode, hold the main body, press and slide the comb teeth on the scalp with appropriate force. After use clean out the remaining liquid in the tank and wipe it dry, paying attention to keeping it clean.


  • Electric Scalp Applicator Comb
  • Instructions
  • USB to USB-C

Maximum capacity: 6 ml

  • Electric Scalp Applicator Comb – Enjoy a soothing and nourishing scalp massage and electric scalp massager with advanced massaging nodes and vibration settings that invigorate blood circulation, rejuvenate hair follicles and ignite the growth of healthier, thicker, and more desirable hair.
  • Precision Hair Oil Application – Our electric scalp massager hair growth stimulator features an innovative built-in hair oil applicator that mess-free distribution of your favourite hair oils or serums, allowing them to penetrate to the scalp improving absorption and optimising their nourishing properties to enhance hair growth potential.
  • Red Light Vibration Massage – Red light vibrating medicine applicator can promote hair growth and improve hair growth effect, no waste the liquid medicine, keep using it, and the new hair will gradually become thicker and stronger. With high-frequency micro-vibration, the potion can reach the hair root evenly, the effect is obvious.
  • Precise Control – The split design of the see-through liquid tank allows you to know the dosage at any time, and the maximum is 6ml, which can meet the needs of people in different situations.
  • Easy to Clean – Innovative design of water and electricity separation,Detachable water tank, can be taken out separately, no pressure to clean.