Scalp Micropigmentation

The Modern Solution To Male Hair Loss

What Is SMP?

(Scalp Micropigmentation)

The world’s fastest growing hair loss solution, scalp micropigmentation is the modern and convenient choice for men and women who choose not to accept hair loss as an inevitability. Thinning hair is now a choice, and at SMP London, we create the very finest hair replications using advanced SMP techniques. The result is a virtually undetectable illusion of real hair, that even your closest friends and family are unlikely to notice.  

Millions of men around the world experience hair loss, for a wide variety of different reasons. Scalp micropigmentation is the stylish and modern solution chosen by more than half a million men worldwide, to hide thinning hair and restore their youthful appearance.

Based on a highly specialised micro-tattooing technique, scalp micropigmentation replicates the appearance of thousands of tiny hairs, cut in a closely shaved style. The result is a virtually undetectable illusion of a full head of shaven hair.

SMP is applied over 2-4 treatment sessions, each lasting about 2-3 hours. For optimal healing and results, your sessions will be spread a minimum of 7 days apart. There is very little discomfort, and almost zero downtime. Most of our clients return to work the very next day.

For more information check out our amazing before and after photos. These are real treatments, and genuine SMP London clients. Alternatively please feel free to contact us. 

Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Repair Clinic

Why SMP?

There are many hair loss solutions, why this one?

If you’re losing your hair and considering the options available to you, you will have seen a bewildering array of treatments available. The reality is that most require surgery, drugs, or the wearing of expensive and prohibitive hair systems, while most solutions simply do not work. Scalp micropigmentation remains the ONLY answer to hair loss to offer 100% guaranteed, instantaneous results.

How Can We Help?

Hair Repair Clinic Work with SMP Specialists

Unlike many clinics that treat SMP as just another service on their list, we live and breathe scalp micropigmentation. This is our passion and our calling, and we are 100% dedicated to providing you with the very best SMP treatment experience. Based in Chingford, we are easily accessible for all clients in London and the South East with abundant transport links and a close proximity to the M25. 

Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Repair Clinic
Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Repair Clinic


Ready To Improve Your Life?

As a client of SMP London in Chingford, you can expect nothing but the very best first class experience. We are passionate about service and satisfaction, and strive to achieve the utmost in excellence for every man or woman we treat.

We use the best equipment and consumables in the business, and our Lead Technician Lee Stafford is impeccably trained, certified, insured and licenced for your total peace of mind.

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