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Most of our patients have a real passion to grow a strong, beautiful and long beard. Unfortunately, some of them can’t do it naturally but their problems end when they make the decision to take destiny in their hands and get a beard transplant.

This is for you, our next bread transplant patient. Here’s “the beard guide” and what to expect:

You Can Become a “Beard Master”

Literally. You can instruct your surgeon to give you the exact bear shape that you always wanted, in spite of what nature   blessed you with. You have full control on this one.

The Results Are Guaranteed

It always works, it’s always worked. You can walk in, get your transplant, walk out, recover and boom – you’ve got the beard you’ve always wanted.

Your Scalp Will Suffer a Little

Since it’s not a magic pill, the hair has to come from somewhere – more precisely, your scalp. The hairs will be transplanted from your donor area, which is right at the back of your scalp. Don’t worry, the surgeon is a master at masking it and the hairs are the same texture as the ones you’d like to grow on your chin.

You’ll Need a Day Off

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? We’ll let you decide, but make sure to be available for up to 5 hours on the day of the beard transplant.

The Hairs That Fall Will Grow Back Stronger

When your transplant hairs fall out, don’t get alarmed, because it’s all part of the plan. In their place you’ll grow your actual beard.

It Comes with a Cost

Whether it’s high or low really depends on how much your bread is worth to you. One thing is for sure, you pay for a great beard and you’re left with this one for a lifetime.

The Bread Transplant Consultation Is Free

Ring 0800 776 5395, WhatsApp 07855 565 558 or email and book a free consultation.

Do you have any questions about beard transplants?

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