Recently the team at The Sun came with us behind the scenes for a beard transplant in Sheffield with Dr. Hassan Nurein.

Dr. Nurein demonstrated the beard transplant surgery and we discussed the most common questions that our patients have, especially the topic of shaving after a beard transplant.

Beard Transplants Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Natalie Keegan, at the Sun, wrote:

“The number of men opting for the cosmetic procedure has trebled in just TWO years, according to new research. THE beard transplant business is now absolutely booming, inspired by the stars such as Tom Hardy, David Beckham and Bradley Cooper.”

Featured by The Sun

We feel privileged to be featured on such a trustworthy platform, Britain’s biggest daily newspaper, and have the opportunity to share with the British public the benefits of a beard transplant.  However, we also believe that having the Sun publicise the growing popularity of beard transplant surgery in men will help other men suffering from hair loss understand the options available.

Affordable and Trustworthy

The results of a beard transplant restore confidence and wellbeing in our patients. We are dedicated to keeping our hair restoration procedures accessible for all, not only celebrities. We offer the UK’s most affordable hair transplants, with leading hair transplant surgeons at clinic locations across the UK.

Read more about beard transplants at Hair Repair Clinic in The Sun here.

Contact us to book a free consultation here.

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