At first glance this may appear a silly question with an obvious answer. You want a hair transplant because your experiencing some type of balding right? But let’s dig a little deeper on the issue.
Forms of balding are common, especially in men, it may be a residing hair line or perhaps hair thinning at the crown. It occurs in about 66% of men in varying degrees. It can also be an issue for women too. About 50% of females can have some form of hair loss, so it is by no means a male only issue.

Why do people go bald?

This is a super important question and you can’t avoid it. Before pursuing any remedy for your condition, we must first always try to ascertain why it’s happening as this can change our response in terms of treatment. 

The causes are complex and can stem from different things. The most common is your DNA, you can thank good old mum and dad! Hereditary balding typically occurs later in life but unfortunately for some it can be earlier.
Then there’s hormonal issues, pregnancy in women has long been known to cause hair loss in expectant and new mothers. Your child baring days are long behind you, you say… Well your not out of the woods yet either as menopause is also a common cause of hair loss. Thyroid related conditions can also bring it on. Then there’s a condition called Alopecia Areata, it’s an immune disorder and it causes balding too. 
Another cause of hair loss is medication. It can be a side effect of a whole host of drugs, so be sure to read the small print of anything you’re going to take. As it just may diminish your lovely locks.

Regrettably the list of drugs which can lead to hair lose are extensive, but here’s some to watch out for:

Hair treatments and styling products can also lead to hair loss. There’s a resentful sort of irony in this. Your styling your hair to enhance it just to find out have inadvertently led to its destruction. That’s why it’s super important to be careful with your hair and do your due diligence on your choice of hair products. Hot oil hair treatments are well known for causing problems and they can cause irreversible damage, so perhaps stay clear of them completely! It’s not just products that do the damage it’s also the way you style your hair that can be dangerous too. Tight pony tails, pig tails and corn rows can cause you unwanted problems too. Best advise with this is not to do these styles excessively, always allow your hair plenty of time to relax and don’t have it too tight! 

Emotional and psychological stress can cause your hair to fall out too. So, if you’re going through a troubled patch it might result in hair related problems.
Once you establish the cause of your own balding it’s easier to then decide on the best route forward. Sometimes hair transplants aren’t the most suitable thing. For example, if you’re experiencing hair loss because you’re under emotional pressure it’s a lot better to deal with the issues in your life or address it with a therapist rather than having surgery. Sure, you can do plenty of other things to encourage hair growth. There’s a whole host of therapies including shampoos, medications, vitamins and lifestyle changes which can all help your hair growth.

Sometimes a hair transplant is the best option. If your hair loss is hereditary or perhaps you’ve experienced permanent damage to your hair follicles then a hair transplant will offer the best results. Most people’s issue then is likely that they are concerned about the cost. This is where Hair Repair Clinic comes to the rescue. Not only do they offer state of the art quality and expertise but all at affordable prices.
Don’t let hair loss upset you and get you down, the Hair Repair Clinic is here to help you. The first rate team will provide the best support and treatments at the right price.

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Article contributed by Sara Moutiq

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