Eyebrow Transplants

If you want a smooth and youthful appearance you may not have given much thought to the upkeep of your eyebrows, yet these are a very telling indicator of a person’s true age. As we get older, our eyebrows can thin naturally but it can also occur due to other reasons such as scarring or illness. This means that only having a sparse covering can prematurely age both men and women even if the rest of the face is wrinkle-free and fresh-looking.

The good news is that it’s possible to have eyebrow replacement surgery which can be as subtle or dramatic as you choose. The end result is natural looking eyebrows which look healthy and full whilst helping to create a younger-looking appearance. Eyebrow restoration is a very simple process and because the surgery is so subtle, it’s often hard for others to know exactly what has changed. All they will notice is that you look younger, healthy and radiant.

Although the recovery and healing from eyebrow transplant surgery is remarkably quick, to get the best results it’s essential to have a surgeon who is experienced. Here at the Hair Repair Clinic we have vast experience in both full and partial eyebrow transplant surgery and use the latest technology to provide natural-looking results.


When to have eyebrow restoration?

Not everyone is blessed with naturally full eyebrows so you may just want a transplant in order to top up what you already have. This might particularly be the case for individuals with lighter eyebrow hair. However, there is a number of other reasons which could lead to full or partial eyebrow loss causing either overall scarcity or patchiness. Some of the most common reasons facial hair transplant is undertaken (excluding age and hereditary eyebrow pattern) includes:

  1. over-plucking
  2. radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment
  3. scarring or skin trauma (such as piercings, burns or tattoos)
  4. trichotillomania (self-harming behaviour which includes tugging and pulling at the eyebrow)
  5. systemic disease

Deciding whether to have an eyebrow hair transplant is a very personal decision. Opting to undergo eyebrow restoration doesn’t mean you will end up with big bushy eyebrows; the end result is what you choose.
What it will mean is that your eyebrows will be beautifully shaped with no bare patches, luxurious, glossy and youthful looking.

What happens during an eyebrow transplant?

Although the procedure is relatively simple, requiring only a local anaesthetic and no lengthy stay in hospital, the surgeon must be able to work with exact precision and accuracy to get good results.
Each eyebrow typically needs between 250 and 400 hairs to create a natural and healthy appearance; the actual number will vary depending on the size and appearance of the existing eyebrow as well as the desired result.

Every single hair must be transplants in the right position, following the direction of other hairs in the eyebrow and lying very flat against the skin. The hairs must also be spaced very closely together in order to create a full and smooth appearance.
The donor hair follicles are removed using very tiny needles ensuring no scarring is left either on the head or on the implanted eyebrow. A typical site for hair donation is from behind the ears.

Each hair is implanted individually, a painstaking process using needles just a few millimetres wide.
During the process the patient will have a local anaesthetic so they won’t be aware of any discomfort and can comfortably relax. Once the procedure is complete, they won’t need to stay in the clinic and can go home to recover.

After the eyebrow transplants

In order to create a brow that is full and smooth, around 100-200 hairs will be required for a partial graft and 200-400 grafts required for a full brow.
Recovery from the procedure is fast and painless, although you may experience some bruising and swelling for a temporary period.
The results from either a full or partial brow graft are permanent but it will take a while for the full effect to be realised. Immediately after the surgery, the shape and density of the brow can be seen, but many of these hairs will fall out within a fortnight.

This is entirely normal and no cause for alarm. This shedding is part of the recovery process and new hair will continue to grow in its place. It can take up to 12 months for the full results to be seen.

How much does an eyebrow transplant cost?

If you think having a fuller eyebrow shape could improve your look, you can expect to pay between £3000-4000. The price will vary depending on the number of grafts required.

The Hair Repair Clinic has the expertise to help you achieve the eyebrow shape you have always wanted, creating a fuller, smooth outline and glossy sleek hairs.

The hairs will continue to grow after implant which means that in order to maintain the shape of the brow, they will need to be clipped or trimmed typically around once a month. This maintenance will be required on an on-going basis as the hairs will continue to grow if left unchecked.

What our Clients say

Thorough consultation. Thorough explanation of procedure. Treated well during procedure. Informed on what to do post-op. all good
There was little to no pain and recovery . Both Marius and Dr. Malkani could not have been any more helpful and reassuring about the procedure. I was 100% sure that I was making the right decision in having Dr. Malkani do my transplant.
Thank you Dr. Nurein for enabling me the to enjoy my life again. Your expert methods, and your caring staff offered the best in medical hair transplant, with literally no pain, at all! Because of your excellent work, people can’t even guess my age now. I can swim, lift weights, work, play, and have fun again, without anyone staring at my forehead. Similarly my personal life has never been better. It feels good to look years younger, and be able to be part of life, instead of just looking at it from the outside. Your work has changed my life, and I can never repay you enough!”
“I can’t say enough about how courteous, helpful and professional Dr. Nurein and his staff have been — before, during and after the procedure. But the *best* thing about working with him is the results!!! Before I felt 10 years older than I was and always had to have my hair cut very short to minimise my baldness. Afterwards, my biggest challenge has been figuring out how I want to have my new hair styled. First trip to the hairdresser was funny because I hadn’t had hair for 20 years and didn’t know what to do with it To top it off, recently my son found an old picture of me and commented that he forgot how ‘bald his dad was’ and ‘how cool I looked now’ Needless to say those are not the only positive comments I get these days. And for all this, I have Dr. Nurein and his wonderful staff to thank.” My coordinator Sharon was a great comfort throughout and will be on my xmas card list forever
Dr. Nurein, Matthew. Ciara and the team Thank you for being such a friendly & helpful bunch throughout the process. I really appreciate all your hard work. Obviously you all are very good at what you do. It really makes a difference I am very excited to see the progress of my hair growth after the surgery. In only one short year I will have a full set of hair like Brad Pitt! It is certainly something I am looking forward to – having hair is the coolest. Thank you all again. You really are the best
I was quite concerned for my boyfriend, he was getting bald from the front day by day and his insecurity for his was increasing because he was looking more older than his age. I was sure my parents won’t allow me to marry him. So, I have started searching for the best hair treatment clinic for his treatment. I came to know about Hair Repair Clinic from my friend and took my boyfriend for hair transplant. He is very happy now after this tremendous results.
Life changing experience... No pain, no scars, no hassle … instead the music was playing while I was being worked on. How cool is that? Thanks for he;ping me change into a dashing dude..
I have got my Hair transplant done 5 months back. Today, I am happy to let the world know that the results are excellent and I am more than happy to show it to my friends. They promised my 2500 grafts and they did more than that as they see it required more that the prescribed numbers.
Hair transplant was a big decision for me. The rapid pace of hair loss was even more worrying. After several months of evaluation, I found the right solution with Hair Repair Clinic. Dr Haseeb’s immense experience in the field of trichology and the results of previous treatments have won my trust and today, when I look back, I feel that I’ve made the right decision. The staff are very skilled and personally mentored by Dr Haseeb. Promised results have been achieved, great value for money.
I have never been able to grow a beard and I deliberated for almost a year, talking regularly to Matthew and Sharon about the procedure. I spoke to other companies but it was Matthew that convinced me to go with Hair Repair Clinic. He was just so helpful and not at all pushy. I’m over the moon with the results and I got a discount because My beard transplant was featured in The Sun Newspaper
Dr. Nurein is the real deal. All of his clients including me are very fortunate to have him in our corner. The confidence that has been restored in my life is priceless. His supporting staff is second to none. From beginning to end, each one took the greatest of care with me. Special thanks to Kindera, Ciara and Matthew. Thank you Dr. Nurein. Please keep up the great work! I will continue to recommend you to everyone that I possibly can.
I was treated very well prior, during and after the procedure. Everything looked straightforward as I had known what to expect. It was a good experience and the right choice made by me.
I only had the surgery in November so I have not yet seen the full results. However, Matthew and Sharon were very available during the whole process and the day after the surgery, and the current results look promising.
Dr. Nurein and his staff provided excellent service, were friendly, knowledgeable, and took great care of me before, during and after the surgery. I graded 5 stars in every category except overall experience because the hair transplant recovery process is 12 months or more and I am in month 6 so can’t see full results yet This is standard, but hard to rate an overall experience - I will know much better how the overall experience went after 12 months.
I did my hair transplant with this company. I was really happy with the quality of service I received its amazing one of the top hair transplant probably in the world because they are very very honest polite. I was really happy with them. After doing so much research this company came the top. Very pleased highly recommend. Thank you soo much for looking after me
Kamal Miah
I had my transplant over 6 months ago, I am very happy with the results. The team at hair repair recommended products alongside my surgery and this has helped my thinning hair grow back.I would recommend this company as they were always there when I had a question, they could not do enough for me and I felt very comfortable on the day of surgery. The surgeon and all the team looked after me and have done up to this day.
I was struggling with losing my hair , it really got to me I met the team and spoke about my issues and they explained everything to me , it was so refreshing to hear what they said , I went through with it , the team was supportive throughout the surgery it was pain free and I love what they've done and I'm just in the process of getting my old look back , If anyone feels like I did I'd recommend they go for it I've got my confidence and would like to give them a big thank you for helping me
Mark Johnston
The advice I have received from the Hair Repair Clinic has been excellent, they discussed a treatment suitable for me and my budget, I would recommend them on this basis alone.
Private Patient
Extremely helpful. Available round the clock and very informative. Thanks for everything
Mark Brown
Dr. Haseeb and his female staff were excellent. Had a good laugh all day. Pleasant experience
Georgiana Dacosta