Bio Needle Adjustable Derma Stamp 120 Stainless Steel Needles Hair and Beard Growth


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Bio needle 120 punctures the skin and creates thousands of micro channels in a short period of time. Used in conjunction with skincare products and hair growth essence products, the essence and active ingredients are delivered to the deep layers of the skin to enhance absorption, whiten the skin, awaken hair follicles, and promote hair growth.

  • Customisable Needle Depth: the derma stamp allows you to customise your skincare regimen by choosing the ideal needle depth for your unique concerns. This precision ensures you get the results you want. Adjustable from 0 to 2.0mm
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel Needles: the micro needles are made of high-grade stainless steel to ensure durability and precision. The tips are evenly distributed to quickly open up the skin’s absorption channels, allowing active ingredients to penetrate the skin effectively, which means a smooth.
  • Curved Design: the curved tip area is designed to fit the skin better, allowing the essence to penetrate the skin more evenly and more efficiently. The ergonomic design of the derma stamp ensures easy operation and precise, comfortable use.
  • Promotes Absorption of Products: by creating micro-channels in the skin, our derma stamp promotes the absorption of serums and creams, allowing skincare products to penetrate deeper and maximise their effectiveness.
  • For Hair Growth and Hair Loss: derma stamps are better than derma rollers for assisting hair loss. Unlike dermal rollers, hair does not get tangled.


bio needle adjustable derma stamp 120 stainless steel needles hair and beard growth 0-2mm

Medical Grade Stainless Steel

bio needle adjustable derma stamp 120 stainless steel needles hair and beard growth steel


1. Adjustable Needle Size(0-2.0mm).

2. Medical grade stainless steel needle.

3. Curved contact surface — for the face or the body, micro needles quickly open the skin’s absorption channels, allows active ingredients to effectively penetrate into the skin. For the scalp, each needle can insert the skin vertically, allowing the nutritional essence to truly penetrate.

4. Needles arranged neatly, needle straight & sharp.

5. Derma stamp with protective cap, safe and hygienic.

6. Blister packaging, keeps needles safe during transportation.