Hair Transplant for Women

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Hair loss in women is more common than most people realise.

Dr Ismail’s Hair Repair Clinic sees many female patients inquiring about Hair Restoration for Women. More often than not, many come to The Dr Ismail’s Hair Repair Clinic after having explored other options in hair loss treatment for women.

For women who suffer from permanent hair loss or female pattern baldness, the best chance of restoring their hair is often through hair transplantation.

Hair Transplants for Women Hair Repair Clinic

Establishing the correct diagnosis

Every patient evaluated in our clinics must undergo a routine hormonal and medical evaluation for hair loss. The evaluation of female hair loss is quite different than in men.

We take your hair loss seriously by performing a disease specific medical evaluation. A complete medical history is the first step in evaluating women with hair loss and this is done at your initial consultation.

Diffuse hair loss is caused by a variety of conditions other than “hereditary balding.” A disease-specific work up is important because it establishes whether hair loss treatment is managed by medical, surgical, or a combination of both treatment options.

The final decision to have surgery is generally dependent upon whether your hair loss appears to have stopped, your loss is mainly at the hairline, and balding is concentrated in one or two areas.

Female pattern baldness

Female pattern baldness, known as Alopecia Areata, is an autoimmune disorder which affects over 30 million women, Women with this condition are genetically oversensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), causing a pervasive thinning of the hair follicles resulting in a smaller hair shaft and consequently thinner hair.

Eventually, this can lead to a complete cessation of follicle production, which is typically concentrated at the crown of the head.

In addition to genetics, the condition can be exacerbated by aging and menopause. For women suffering from female pattern baldness, receding hairlines are rare.

Hair restoration for women

There are believed to be approximately 30 conditions that cause hair loss in women, and many can be resolved with proper treatment.

Women experiencing hair loss should consult with their physician to determine the cause of their hair loss and eliminate any serious medical conditions before evaluating hair loss treatments.

THe most common causes for hair loss with women:

Female baldness : the ludwig scale

Hair loss in women

While the onset of hair loss can be seen as undesirable for anyone, it is a
well-known phenomenon for men.

However, for women losing hair the experience can be disturbing and often women feel a unique sense of shame which is exacerbated by the strong correlation between beauty and having a full head of hair.

The media would have us think that women don’t experience significant hair loss, let alone balding, but this is a myth.

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