kirkland hair regrowth treatment extra strength for men 5% minoxidil topical solution 2 fl oz

Kirkland Minoxidil is a medication that can help treat hair loss, but it can also be counterfeited by some sellers.

It is manufactured in Canada & Israel exclusively for Costco and is distributed by Perrigo who launched their generic version of Rogaine in 2017

Kirkland minoxidil is not licensed for sale in the UK, which is why you will not find it for sale on the high street.
There are no official UK distributors or stockists here in the UK, so it is important that you buy from a trusted source such as Hair Repair Clinic who buy direct from Costco with no middlemen 

There are some ways to identify fake Kirkland minoxidil solution, such as:

•  Checking the packaging and the label. Fake minoxidil may have spelling errors, incorrect information, or poor-quality printing on the box or the bottle. Genuine minoxidil should have a clear and consistent label with the brand name, the ingredients, the expiration date, and the directions for use. You can also compare the pa­­ckaging and the label with the official website of the brand or the manufacturer.


•  Checking the liquid and the dropper. Fake minoxidil may have a different colour, texture, or smell than genuine minoxidil. Genuine minoxidil should have a yellowish or brownish tint, an oily consistency, and a mild alcohol scent. Fake minoxidil may be clear, watery, or have a strong or unpleasant odour. You can also check the dropper that comes with the minoxidil. Genuine minoxidil should have a thick and sturdy dropper, while fake minoxidil may have a thin and flimsy dropper.

•  Checking the crystallization. Genuine minoxidil should form crystals when it dries up, which can be seen on the bottle cap, the dropper, or the skin. Fake minoxidil does not form crystals, and it may leave a sticky or greasy residue instead. You can test this by putting a few drops of minoxidil on the bottle cap or on a piece of paper and letting it dry. If it forms crystals, it is likely genuine. If it does not, it is likely fake.

•  Checking the results. Genuine minoxidil should show some improvement in your hair growth after a few months of regular use, depending on your individual response and the severity of your hair loss. Fake minoxidil may not have any effect on your hair growth, or it may even worsen your hair loss. You can monitor your progress by taking pictures of your scalp before and after using minoxidil, and comparing them over time.

These are some of the ways to identify fake minoxidil solution, but they are not foolproof. 

The best way to avoid fake minoxidil is to buy it from a reputable seller such as a pharmacy, a clinic, or an online store that has positive reviews and feedback.

Bleach does not help to identify if minoxidil is counterfeit! – This is strictly for Reddit
Bleach is a strong chemical that can react with many substances, and it is not a reliable or safe way to test the quality of minoxidil. 

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