Hi my name is Michael Kaye and I would like to share with you the amazing journey I’ve undergone to address the hair loss issues which have dominated my life since my late 20s. I tried everything I could find in order to disguise my growing baldness – hair fibers; shampoos/treatments etc – that were merely marketing gimmicks and didn’t give me the results I craved – a healthy head of hair.

I’ve always looked after myself through regular exercise and a healthy diet & lifestyle but my increasing hair loss was the one area I was unable to control. My self esteem and confidence really suffered – I used to laugh off derogatory comments, pretending they didn’t affect me but inside I was just so miserable and unhappy.  


 I decided to research hair transplant procedures which would give me a permanent solution to my problem. I wanted to ensure I used a reputable surgeon and having then arranged a free initial consultation to establish I was a good candidate for hair transplant surgery, I was surprised and delighted to find the cost of the procedure to be more affordable than I had anticipated and all my questions and queries were answered.

I personally thought the procedure was painless and I was totally committed to following the aftercare plan which included my taking FDA approved medications Finasteride & Minoxidal to improve the quality of my hair and prevent further hair loss. My surgeon had explained exactly what to expect over the coming months and I could not believe that at the end of 6 months, my hair loss issues were a thing of the past! Take a look through my picture diary to see for yourself – I’m absolutely over the moon with the results!

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