Hair & Scalp Derma Roller 540 Titanium Micro Needle 1.5mm

Your secret weapon against hair loss

Derma rolling (micro needling) is an affordable and effective tool to stimulate hair growth. To maximize results we recommend the use of a topical hair growth lotion such as Pharma Hermetic Hair Recovery Program Ampoules or Minoxidil .


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Your secret weapon against hair loss

A derma roller is a small handheld device featuring many small surgical needles. This type of treatment is also referred to as micro needling, and it gently punctures the skin to create microscopic wounds. These wounds then activate your body’s healing response, a process of blood clotting, inflammation, tissue growth and finally tissue remodelling. It is thought that the growth factors involved in this healing process, produce newly healed skin which looks and operates much better than it did before.

It’s actually most commonly used to treat acne scarring, stretch marks and wrinkles. However, it’s also proven to be very effective at stimulating hair growth. The derma roller is frequently used alongside Pharma Hermetic Hair Recovery Program Ampoules for best results, though it can also be used alone.

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How to use it – Before using the derma roller, you will need to wet your hair to prevent the device from getting tangled. However, if you’re using it with the Pharma Hermetic Ampoules or Minoxidil, the hair will need to be left dry. You should start using the device directly on, or near the hairline, working your way down towards the back of the head. Be sure to only treat the areas of the scalp that are affected by hair loss. Do not derma role for more than a few minutes.

When the needles are directly in contact with your scalp, it’s important to just move the device in one direction. Don’t attempt to roll it backwards and forwards as this can cause the hair to become tangled. Apply a moderate level of pressure and remember that more pressure won’t produce better results.

If using with Pharma Hermetic Lotion or Minoxidil, you should apply the topical treatment either directly before, or after using the derma roller. This will greatly enhance the effectiveness of these topical treatments, enhancing the rate of absorption. Ideally, you’ll want to apply it after using the derma roller. Of course, the more product that is absorbed into the scalp, the more effective it’s going to be. The derma roller basically creates little temporary channels that stay open for around 30 minutes. So, that’s why Pharma Hermetic Lotion or Minoxidil should be applied quickly in order to gain any benefits.

Results – You can expect to experience hair regrowth after using the derma roller within a few months. However, the exact results you experience will depend upon whether or not you’re using Minoxidil too.

Risks and side effects – Like any treatment, there are some risks and side effects associated with the derma roller. The main risk is you could irritate the scalp if you apply too much pressure. The hair could also become tangled if you use it incorrectly.
Redness is the main side effect you can expect to experience. However, this usually corrects itself within a few hours after the treatment. At the most it should last a few days. If you suffer from a condition on the scalp such as Psoriasis or Eczema, it’s recommended you do not use the derma roller until those conditions have been treated. You should also avoid using it on areas of the scalp with open wounds, or sunburn.

How often do I use my Derma Roller?
You may believe that by rolling more frequently you will get the results you want sooner.
In fact, rolling too frequently will do your skin more harm than good.
Your skin needs time to recover from the inflammation response caused by skin needling.
Rolling too often will break down the collagen in your skin before it has had a chance to form properly.
Remember that collagen production is a slow process; it can take several months of skin needling before you see any real difference. Have patience! Results will come and remember your skin will continue to repair and renew even for months after your last treatment.

How to clean a Derma Roller
It’s important that you clean your derma roller each time you use it. If the pins are dirty then you will increase your chances of getting an infection or irritating the skin.

Method 1
Antibacterial wash and water
Take an antibacterial wash and mix with water in a mug.
Place the derma roller inside the mug and leave for 1 minute and swish around.
Remove the derma roller from the mug and rinse with boiling water.
Air dry and place in a clean dry container.

Method 2
Surgical Spirit (also known as rubbing alcohol, you can buy this in your local chemist.
· Transfer surgical spirit to a spray bottle and thoroughly spray your derma roller, ensuring all needles are coated.
· Or pour some surgical spirit into a container and soak for one hour.
· Rinse the derma roller under running warm water.
· Air dry and place in a clean dry container.


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