According to NHS, hair loss is affecting up half of the men by the age of 50, and the signs can appear as early as the 20s. Other records suggest that more than 1 million British men suffer from some form of hair loss. However, in spite of the ground-breaking advancements in hair plant technology, most people are unaware of the affordable and efficient male hair loss solutions available. Let’s start by looking at FUE, the science that could possibly be the best method to treat hair transplant, who want to preserve the flexibility of their hair.


FUE, short for Follicular Unit Extraction, is a scientific method of treating hair loss, defined as ‘harvesting’ by theBernstein Medical Center For Hair Restoration. With this method, donor’s hair is extracted from the scalp, one by one and transplanted in the areas needing treatment. This innovative method made hair transplant possible for a large demographic and is particularly great for younger men.


No Scaring

The most important advantage of choosing an FUE hair loss treatment is the lack of linear scarring. Since this method involves extracting the hair (follicular unit) one by one, it doesn’t leave a linear scar in the donor area. If you want to wear your hair short, FUE is the best-suited method for treating male hair loss.

Rapid Healing

Another benefit of the FUE method is the rapid healing process and lack of discomfort after the procedure. If you need to return to work or exercise, you can do this without discomfort after an FUE procedure.

Wider Spectrum Of Donor Hair Areas

Whilst donor’s hair is usually extracted from the scalp, new advancements in FUE technology make it possible to extract the hair from the beard or body.


Whilst the FUE method has an incredible track record, there are disadvantages to being considered with this procedure. One of them is the possibility of having to perform the hair transplant procedure over more than 1 day (since it takes longer to extract the hair one by one). It’s also a bit more expensive than FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and the graft quality is thought to be lower.


FUE was first introduced in the 1990’s and since then is has been going through a technological revolution, providing the means for affordable and efficient male hair loss treatments. However, recent advancements, introduced by Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, make it possible to transfer the hair from beard to scalp. This is particularly beneficial for men in their latest stages of hair loss, who have limited supply of high-quality donor hair. You can read more about this FUE advancement here.

FUE has been the treatment of choice for many people in the public eye, including English football team captain, Wayne Rooney, and celebrity hairdresser James Brown. In an Independent article, Tom Peck says that if FUE is good enough for Wayne Rooney, it’s good enough for him.


The best place to get male hair loss treatment in UK is the Hair Repair Clinic. They are known for their gold standard transplant operations, in UK and across Europe. With over a decade of experience in hair transplants, including the innovative FUE method, the Hair Repair Clinic surgeons guarantee to offer patients a way out of battling hair loss. Since NHS does not cover hair transplants and most hair clinics charge untrainable prices, the Hair Repair Clinic is dedicated to offer affordable solutions.

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